Data Crunch Crisis

I was reading an article in Slashdot today that got me thinking. I remember seeing an article about how Netflix represent 1/3 of network bandwidth in North America. Working for a media company that is both a content provider and Internet service provider, it is challenge to balance the problem, and I think it is […]


I am a little disappointed in this recent post from CNN.  It really is only giving a narrow view of the subject.  It is suggesting that bariatric surgery does not affect the mortality rate, but when you actually read the article, it indicates it is a fairly narrow study.  It only included about 850 older US male […]

Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss

On the 10th of February, I had a gastric sleeve, which is a surgery that removes 75-80% of your stomach and essentially turns your stomach into a tube (or “sleeve”).  The belief is that this promotes weight loss through not only restricting the amount of food you eat, but also changing the way your body […]