Obama and Debt

Being a US expatriate, I feel it gives me a luxury of a 3rd party view of things in the US.  While I have been a Democrat in my mind for a long time, it is more of a curiosity what happens. The debt crisis, from an external viewpoint, has been confusing.  The worst thing to happen […]

News of the World

I often find myself questioning the collective wisdom of the UK.  The situations with the News of the World is one such moment. The shock and disdane that the public is expounding, admittedly whipped into a fury by the very same journalistic “integrity” that NoW traded in, are shocked and horrified that the tabloid newspaper […]


I have been using Zopa to lend out for about the past two years.  I heard about it on Radio 4 and thought it was an interesting concept.  Essentially, instead of investing your money in a savings account, or borrowing money from a bank, it is essentially a free trade market for non-institutional investors to […]