While this might be a controversial topic for some, a gay couple considering surrogacy, for Simon and myself it has become a realistic proposition.  This weekend we attended the Alternative Families Show 2011 in London.  It was quite informative and insightful.  It also was great to find out we were not alone and that there is a […]

Bank White Wash

I think the recent announcement that the ICB recommends that the banks “firewall” themselves from their investment arms being received by general praise a bit shocking.  Everyone running around patting themselves on the back for a recommendation that would give the banks until 2019 to semi-reorganise themselves is shocking.  For an issue that came to a head in […]

In Memory…

Ten years on and I still remember that day very well.  I was working in Dublin, at a client site, looking down onto College Green.  It happened that there were two other American’s in the office with me, my boss and a peer of mine.  It was just another day.  At some point, my peer […]

Gastric Sleeve Update

A while ago, I wrote about my Gastric Sleeve surgery, and figured it was about time to provide an update.  So 7 months on, and where am I at? While I have had a few gaps in my recording of my weight, you can see as I am approach my target of 195 lbs (88.5 […]

Socialised Medicine…

As I posted before, I had an accident when I was away in Canada on holiday.  As an American living in the UK, I had always been stigmatised since I was young that “socialised medicine” was a bad thing, so it was with a bit of trepidation that upon my return to the UK I […]