Ok, what is becoming a bit of a trend, I am adding a third to my series on forthcoming features in Dojo core in 1.8.  I have already covered dojo/promise and dojo/request, now I am going to cover changes to dojo/parser.  This is something I am quite passionate about, since I had my hand directly […]


It seems that my dojo/request article got a few views, so I figured I would take a moment to talk about dojo/promise, another major enhancement in the core of the Dojo Toolkit in 1.8.  Mark Wubben rewrote the promise API while keeping it compatible with the “modern” Dojo promise API. Just a reminder, the “modern” […]


In the forthcoming Dojo Toolkit 1.8, the dojo/request package, written by Bryan Forbes, has some really “cool” features in my opinion.  While the package “modernises” the Dojo IO/Request API, it also has some features that will really help end developers. First, it is designed to Just Work™.  It works in a browser environment or a […]


On the 6th December 2006 I entered into a civil partnership with Simon.  It was about a year after the UK made such an option open to us.  I encountered the immigration officer years later as I became an immigration advocate in the UK.  He indicated to me that my proposed civil partnership visa was the first […]