Dojo 2.0

I have been working on a few things which I will be trying to campaign for as being part of Dojo 2.0. Almost everything I have been working on is included in my d2-proto GitHub repository. I want to cover off some off some of my thinking. Object Composition declare has been the foundation of […]

ES5 Accessor Properties

I have been messing around this weekend with Object.defineProperty and realising some unanticipated behaviour when using accessor properties and prototype inheritance. Essentially it boils down to this, accessor properties are only ever owned by the Object they are defined on. For example, if I were to do the following:

Now I hadn’t actually expected […]

Dojo and Node

Using client side JavaScript frameworks on server side NodeJS? “Crazy…” I can hear you mumble to yourself.  Well, I tend to disagree. The biggest advantage, is that you have already merged your language both client and server, so why not merge your coding style?  Having less of the basics to remember is always a good […]

Equality versus Fairness

Being an American expatriate, especially living in the United Kingdom, gives a particular perspective on US society.  I think this is highlighted during the Presidential election, when you see Americans en masse struggle with the concepts of equality and fairness. Equality and fairness or concepts that are easily confused.  Especially because one of the main tenants […]

Socialised Medicine Again…

Unlucky for me, I have had another up close and personal experience with the “evil incarnate” that US public opinion raised me on of socialised medicine.  Paul Ryan’s recent comment about “death panels” have made me again desire to speak about my experiences. The last time I had an up-close and personal experience was after […]

Criticism of Dojo?

With the release of Dojo 1.8, I thought I might share my thoughts on criticisms of Dojo and if I think they are valid.  So I am going to try to take an honest look at those criticisms and give my opinion of where the community is at. Dojo is Slow One of the biggest criticisms levelled […]

Goodbye TextMate 2, Hello Sublime Text 2

I tried, I really tried TextMate, but having dealt with an alpha of 2 for a long time with no clear indication of what is going on, dwindling community innovation and just a few really annoying things that I couldn’t continue to put up with, I have this morning tried Sublime Text 2 and I […]