Transport for London Craziness

According to the Telepgraph, Transport for London is about to open a public consultation on several things about “minicabs” that are just insane and are clearly an attempt to try to hinder Uber and other similar “on demand” transport apps.  According to the Telegraph the consultation will contain the following key tenants: Operators “must provide […]


When the Supreme Court in the US ruled two years ago that the Federal Government could not ignore us as a couple, I broke down in tears.  We started, what has become, a rather long process of moving to the US.  Now, the Supreme Court has said that it is so important that not only […]

My Royals Royce is not Going Fast Enough

I am experiencing up close what when I was young was taught was a horrible evil, “socialised medicine.” I had been having abdominal pain off and on for a while, with it getting more and more serious and lasting longer.  Like all men, I procrastinated going to the GP, only to go in for some […]

Marriage Equality, Finally

Yesterday I was in tears, in the office. Simon and I met each other in 1999 and started our relationship in 2000.  We struggled for a number of years trying to settle down and started to realise that was difficult for bi-national same gendered couples.  We spent a few years living in limbo between North […]

Marriage Equality

Being “gay” does not dominate my life and I don’t often think about being “gay”. I do often thing of my civil partner, Simon, much as I would assume any married couple would. As I have mentioned before, after about 6 years of being in a relationship with Simon, I moved to the UK in […]

Equality versus Fairness

Being an American expatriate, especially living in the United Kingdom, gives a particular perspective on US society.  I think this is highlighted during the Presidential election, when you see Americans en masse struggle with the concepts of equality and fairness. Equality and fairness or concepts that are easily confused.  Especially because one of the main tenants […]

Socialised Medicine Again…

Unlucky for me, I have had another up close and personal experience with the “evil incarnate” that US public opinion raised me on of socialised medicine.  Paul Ryan’s recent comment about “death panels” have made me again desire to speak about my experiences. The last time I had an up-close and personal experience was after […]