When the Supreme Court in the US ruled two years ago that the Federal Government could not ignore us as a couple, I broke down in tears.  We started, what has become, a rather long process of moving to the US.  Now, the Supreme Court has said that it is so important that not only […]

Marriage Equality, Finally

Yesterday I was in tears, in the office. Simon and I met each other in 1999 and started our relationship in 2000.  We struggled for a number of years trying to settle down and started to realise that was difficult for bi-national same gendered couples.  We spent a few years living in limbo between North […]


On the 6th December 2006 I entered into a civil partnership with Simon.  It was about a year after the UK made such an option open to us.  I encountered the immigration officer years later as I became an immigration advocate in the UK.  He indicated to me that my proposed civil partnership visa was the first […]